How To Apply For Membership / Partnership

This page describes what should be considered when applying for membership in PELUM Zambia. Please read through the information below and download the membership application form.

  1. Step 1. Get acquainted with PELUM Zambia´s general values and principles, field of activities, benefits to members etc. (Note. we do not give direct monetary support to our members, but e.g. assist in linking new projects to potential donors etc.)
  2. Step 2. Please fill in the completed form attached and bring it to our office at Annex Building located within Mulungushi International Conference Centre premises or post it to:

The Country Coordinator,
PELUM Association Zambia,
P.O. Box 30443,
Lusaka – Zambia

  1. Step 3. The Board of PELUM Zambia will review all the new membership application forms in the board meeting and evaluate if the membership criteria are met. The decision will then be informed to the applicant, together with the type of membership granted.
  2. Step 4. For the membership to be finally qualified, the subscription fee is to be paid to PELUM Zambia either in cash or by check.
Types of Membership
  • Ordinary (voting) membership is open to national and regional non-governmental organisations which support and engage in training in the field of participatory ecological land use management (pelum)
  • Associate (non-voting) membership is open to international non-governmental organizations, networks, government organizations and parastatals
  • Individual (non-voting) membership is open to all individuals
  • Sponsor (non-voting) membership is open to any organization/persons wishing to sponsor the efforts of the Association

All members except for honorary members shall be required to pay annual subscriptions. All annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance or before the 1st February each year.

  • Membership type:   Annual subscription
  • Ordinary membership: K 500
  • Associate membership: K 500
  • Individual membership: K 500
  • Sponsor membership: K 500

Download PELUM Zambia Membership application form