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Hantambo Women’s Organization

Hantambo Women’s Organization

Hantambo Women’s Organization is a registered indigenous community-based organization operating in Chikanta and Mapanza chiefdoms of the Southern Province of Zambia run by a non-paid Executive Committee and a Board of Trustees.

The organization was founded in the late 1990s as a women’s club that moved to Chikanta with its husbands in search of fertile farming land. The area used to be a game reserve with no social amenities like schools and health centers. The area does not enjoy any natural water sources like streams or rivers. There were tsetse flies in this area that contributed to the demise of cattle and other livestock. This background triggered the formation of a women’s club to share skills, ideas, and knowledge with reflection from the different regions they migrated from to cushion their lives. The HIV pandemic also became one of the compelling reasons for the club to be registered. The increase in membership and activities prompted the club to be re-registered as a Community Based Organization. Currently, the organization has four hundred and twenty (420) active members.

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